Isla Pasion Escape By Land

Isla Pasion Escape By Land, One of the best tours in Cozumel.

Marvel at the beauty of Cozumels beaches: extensive areas of soft sand, turquoise blue ocean, and green tropical jungle.Start the adventure moving across the city up to northern Cozumel where the ship awaits you to sail. Navigate through the protected natural area, moving along the jungle, wetlands, and vast mangroves until you arrive at a private island, “Isla Pasión”.At the seashore, you can relax in the hammocks and hanging beds, as well as you can taste a three-course menu and the beach bar. Isla Pasión is undoubtedly the perfect place to spend a beautiful day in Cozumel and the Caribbean.

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Isla Pasion Escape By Land tour include:

  • Boat trip

  • Three-course menu

  • National open bar

  • Kayak

  • Beach club

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